Digital pH Meter

The high performance Digital pH Meter available with us are superior to rest of their competitors in quality as they give you an edge in operating them. This is possible due to their well crafted design and technology. These products give you absolute measurements with no extra efforts. The efficiency is high and are priced appropriately to suit your pocket. These products are well tested on stringent industry norms before being added to the list of our products. The fine quality raw material used ensures long term usage.


  • High stability
  • Accurate
  • Top-notch quality
  • Manufactured using advanced technology
  • Availability of customized designs
  • LED Display of 3 ½ Digit
  • Full slope control



  • Hospitals
  • Dairy industry
  • Textile
  • Biotechnology Fertilizers
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Iron & steel
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Chemical & labs
  • Agriculture sector
  • Aqua culture


Salient features Model 136
The diverse range of Digital pH Meter catered by us is of top-notch quality and is manufactured using quality raw material and advanced technology. Our experts and engineers are capable enough to maintain pace with the latest trend of the marketplace. Further, we can custom design the range as per the specifications of the clients in the stipulated time frame.

Combination pH Electrode, Buffer Tablets 4pH  & 7pH

Techincal  Specifications

  • Mode - ISI-136 Portable Model
  • Display - LCD Display
  • Range - pHO to 14.0omV
  • Resqution pH± 0.01mV-
  • Accuracy - pH± 0.01mV
  • Compensation - ManuaI O to 100oC
  • Power - 1 x 9 V Battery
  • Dimensions - 165 x 85 x 28 mm

Product Range
Double Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Single Beam UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, Mm,pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, DO Meter, Salinity Meter, Turbidity Meter, Nephelometer, Colony Counter, Auto Karl- Fischer, Lriability Apparatus, Melting Point Apparatus, Temperature Indicator, Water & Soil Analysis Kit, Portable pH Meter, Student Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Medical Microscope and Portable lnstruments.


Model SI-143 Auto Temp. SI-139 Table Model SI-136 Portable Model
Display 3½ digit LED 3½ digit LED 3½ digit LCD
Range 0 to 14.00 pH
0 to±1999 mV
0 to 14.00 pH
0 to±1999 mV
0 to 14.00 pH
Resolution 0.01 pH
1 mV
0.01 pH
1 mV
0.01 pH
Accuracy ±0.01 pH
±1 mV
±0.01 pH
±1 mV
±0.01 pH
Temperature Auto 0 to 100 degree - -
Compensation Manual 0 to 100 degree (ATC) Manual 0 to 100 degree Manual 0 to 100 degree
Slope Correction 80 to 120% 80 to 120% 80 to 120%
Power 230V±10% 230V±10% 1 x 9V Battery
Dimensions 275 x 175 X 76 mm 275 x 175 X 76 mm 165 x 85 X 28 mm

Accessories : Combination pH Electrode, Buffer Tablets 4pH & 7pH one each, Dust Cover and Electrode Stand.